4 Components To Success

Goals are super important to set!! Without them we would never know our capabilities or potential! They require Motivation, Activation, Endurance, and the Intensity of Effort. We have to remember to consistently remind ourselves why this goal is important to us and reassess our actions as we move forward in completing it to the end –> AND to remember to STAY FOCUSED! These 4 components are important in order to be successful!

It is difficult to be motivated when you are tired, lethargic, and lacking energy. This is why it is so important to take care of your body nutritiously, day to day, so we can achieve the OPTIMUM RESULTS OF OUR EFFORTS IN REACHING OUR GOAL! Make your HEALTH and YOUR GOALS YOUR HABIT! They take EFFORT, HONESTY, RESILIENCE, and PRACTICE!!

We can ALL find excuses! Those are easy. If you find yourself struggling keep coming back to it, work on it, and keep practicing!! Remember the REWARDS and BENEFITS will ALWAYS be worth it!! The more you achieve, the more motivated you become, and the easier it will be.

Let’s encourage ourselves and each other daily, hourly, whatever it takes! Prove it to yourself –> THAT YOU CAN! And most of all BE POSITIVE!

Big or small –> GOALS ARE CRUCIAL IN LIFE! What are some achievements or goals you have recently set or accomplished?? Everyone is different and that’s what makes this LIFE so AWESOME! Please share below, because you never know who you encourage along the way (even when they are silent)!


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