A Fat Chick and a Darth Vader Cake

So I am officially 37 weeks on friday?!?! Whatever. I am officially 9 months. For those of you that do not know… You are technically pregnant more that 9 months, but less than 10. Nonetheless….. I am at my end. Do not get me wrong, I am not a happy prego girl. Being fat, having baby ligaments touching your bladder, your stomach and your lungs. It’s cool, I like taking deep breathes and remembering how breathe all over again. But as my last not so planned pregnancy come to an end, I found the greatest vitamin situation ever. It helps my mood…. So for the first time ever, I am actually enjoying being pregnant. Not the waddling. I am pretty sure if one person stood at the end of the hallway and I tried to run toward them, it would look like a walrus was charging at them. Not pleasant.

But the things I normally hate, do not seem so bad. Watching him move from one side of this enormous stomach to the other side is interesting. Is that a foot? An arm? This hard round spot protruding.. His butt or his head??? If it’s his butt…. His heiny is the size of my palm. Wicked cute. Wait, let’s think about this for a sec… not so cute. It will poop funky colors.

As I finish the cake from two days ago…. I can not help it. It is a Publix cake. Marble with whipped cream frosting, and a bit of crazy sugar frosting on the sides…. In the shape of Lightsabers. Oh, Yeah, jr here will be named Anakin. Like Anakin Skywalker, just without the Skywalker part. Yes… The boy version of Darth Vader. So when he is in a jerk, going through his moods, I get to say he is mommie’s little sith lords…. Bwahaha.

So while eating my Darth Vader cake, I realize I will soon have ten toes and ten fingers to count. It’s the bright side. Downside…. It has not happened yet. People are posting intense videos on odd births. In the car, outside the car in the hospital valet area. Squatting in their bathroom….
I am currently 2 cm dilated. Anakin is really different than his sisters. They gave me contractions, back pain, I walked through mass pain to dilate from 1 to, “Oh look, baby”…. He on the other hand has had me 1 cm for almost two weeks, two cm since tuesday, and immense pain from hell while attempting to sleep. Will I be the next lady who has a baby not in the hospital??? Will he pop out? Will I have to catch him then his dad who will faint???

Did you have your kids in the hospital or somewhere else? What went through your mind when you went to labor not at the hospital??


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