Attn: BBQ People…….

As I scroll through some of my emails….. I realized, I may one of just a few who signed up for “Kids Safety Network”. I am not all about adding more to your email lists… but I think this is a necessity. For example… their post today was a warning to people who BBQ…. ( not yet one myself yet, need to find a perfect grill for the new place).


Surgeons URGE People To Get Rid Of This Item Now

Canadian surgeons are urging people to throw out wire-bristled barbecue brushes, because none of them have figured out a surefire way of removing the wires when they get stuck in people’s throats.

The thin, sharp wires can come off the brushes, attach to barbecue grills and cling to food without being noticed. If it’s swallowed it can cause damage to the throat and epiglottis, which is the flap of cartilage that covers the opening of the windpipe when swallowing.

That’s when surgeons can be called in to help.

“It’s a needle in a haystack, but the haystack is your tongue,” said Dr. Ian Dempsey, an otolaryngologist in Dartmouth, N.S.

“It’s not an easy structure to go fishing around in, especially when it gets embedded in deeply.”

The issue of barbecue brush bristles has become so widespread that it came up at this year’s meeting of the Canadian Society of Otolaryngology. During a discussion on ingested foreign objects that are difficult to remove, Dempsey said several ear, nose and throat surgeons spoke about their challenging surgeries.

“None of us have figured out a surefire way to get rid of them, so we’d prefer just to prevent it from happening in the first place,” Dempsey said.

“We’re hoping that if enough people raise this issue, hopefully we’ll just eliminate those types of brushes from the market and use a safer alternative.”

Dempsey, who likened the surgery to removing an acupuncture needle from a grapefruit without damaging any part of the fruit, said the number of cases across Canada isn’t tracked.

Hospitals in the Halifax area are seeing at least one or two cases each week, he said, adding that many of the wires can be removed by emergency room physicians but a few “get deeper in and lower down” and require surgery.”

Well…. Geez man. I prefer not to consume metal, but I what else do you use to clean the grill? Ah, let me destress your thoughts and give you alternative ways, thanks to Digital Trends.


how to clean your grill without a wire bristle brush fire it up barbecue grilling essentials

“Wire-bristle brushes may seem like the simplest way to clean your grill grates, but the unintended results can be pretty devastating if a bristle dislodges and someone swallows it. It’s actually a fairly common occurrence, but there are other ways to de-grime a grill when soap and water just won’t cut it.


There are lots of grill-cleaning tools that don’t have wire bristles. The Char-Broil has nylon ones, for example. The Brushtec Double Helix calls itself a bristle-free brush; it’s made of twisted pieces of wire. The Woody Paddle is made of oak and coated with a food-safe mineral oil. There’s also the GrillStone cleaning block, which is similar to a pumice stone. GrillFloss is a stainless steel, hook-like device that you use to along each rod of the grate individually. You can even use a ball of aluminum foil that you hold with long-handled tongs. Some people even swear by onions.

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If you have a portable steam cleaner at home, you can use it to help remove food remnants. As you’re steaming, you can use one of the tools above to scrape away all the gunked-on stuff.


If things are really gunky, you can whip up a mixture of ammonia, vinegar, water, and baking soda, according to Apartment Therapy. You stick your grates in a garbage bag with the liquid and let it work for 24 hours. Pull it out, hose it down, and it should be burnt crud-free. Boiling a pot of coffee and letting the grates sit in a container with the brew for an hour will also apparently do the trick.

To help keep your grill from getting food stuck on it anew, use the tools to clean the grates when the grill is hot but before you start cooking, then use a paper towel covered (but not dripping) with vegetable oil, held in long-handled tongs, and rub the bars.”

I know, I know, why tell you now, its not summer time…. Well, first, they just sent it to me. We all know I am fat and pregnant…. so I WILL FORGET. Plus, when has winter ever stopped a real man from lighting up a grill???? The answer is never. Oh, and not to be rude and all, we are in Florida. Just sayin.



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