Awesome Gadget.. I NEED IT!!

So we live in what’s called the information age. The more I read facebook the past few days and watch the news, I think they should be changing it to “Hurt my feelings” age, due to the shooting in an airport, and the hate crime posted on social media. The world has gone way to far with this crap. But behold, people with their head on straight, trying to better our lives… Pregnant moms… there is a sliver lining. It is coming. Just get excited over the device with me, not the price. There is a company called “Willow”, and they seem to realize how freaking difficult it is to breast feed and multitask. To feed the kid, most of us sit, and if we are lucky we have one hand… But when the precious bundle of joy is sleeping, and you are like me, and refuse to wake up the child, but you are leaking, and if you do not pump every 3 hours, you dry up….. Well, they have designed a device to help, and not only do I want it, I am pretty sure I need it.  Check it out…



So… what do you think??? I find it ABSOLUTELY genius… except holy crap, $429.99………. This is the first hands free device I think will be in great demand. I already signed up for their emails. Hopefully this will become a bit cheaper by the time Jr. here makes his way out.

This would make life soo much easier. When I was a new mom, I could not feed my oldest by boob, due to latching problems. It hurt like hell. I would cry, she cried…. we all cried. So formula she was fed. Smallest, she held on, but it killed me to wake her every 3 hours.. I needed sleep, she needed sleep. They started to slowly dry up, I wasn’t producing enough. So that did not go well for round two.

As round three approaches, I am nervous that I  wont produce enough. Manual pumps are great, but every three hours is still exhausting. If I do have to work outside of the home, I am not the one to try to manually pump in a bathroom, and I feel it takes longer than the normal time of a company break. Plus all the leaking in the process. Ugh.

This thing is pure genius. Not the wait to see if the price goes down, and fingers crossed it is not a device that explodes like the Galaxy S7 did.


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