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Hi everyone, my name is Lisa Beck and I’m Jack’s Mom…. I was told that I need to write something about me to let everyone know who I am so here it goes…First off I want to welcome everyone to Jack’s Corner. I’m super excited in this next chapter of my life and I can’t wait to share all of our ideas and tips and tricks with everyone. With that being said let me introduce myself to everyone. For everyone that doesn’t know me already,  I’m a stylist and work in a salon full-time . I’ve been doing hair since 2008 and I love what I do. I love to see the reaction from people after I give them a new style or change the color of their everyday hair to something they have never had before.  As I turn them around in the chair and they see themselves in a different way just brings joy and happiness to me. I love what I do and I’m sure I will always be apart of the industry.

Now for my family… I met my husband in 2001. My husband and I have been together for 15 years. We actually just became a married couple in May of 2016. I know, I know that’s a long time to wait to marry someone lol… I love my husband dearly and I have always known in my heart that he and I would be together forever. I think that we share a very special love story and for those that stick with us and watch us grow you will hear more about our relationship.

I have three biological children and another child who calls me “Momma” she is my oldest daughter’s half sister. She just recently came back into our lives and we are very blessed and grateful to be able to spend the rest of our lives as a family. She definitely should have been mine from the start because she is so much like me and the girls….It’s crazy!! So My children’s ages are 23, 21, 13, and 2. Yes, you heard me right, I have one from each generation. So I have three daughters and one son and a whole lot to talk about… lol

As for Jack’s Corner, after finding out I was pregnant with my son I started to see things differently and appreciate what I have a whole lot more. Hitting 40 wasn’t to bad but now I’m having a baby again and starting all over?? What!!  Yes, we were in shock lol…I think the older you get you look at life in a different way. You want to pay it forward and help out people more and more. I find myself dedicated in such a way that I hope to make a difference in peoples lives. I invite you to help me raise awareness for families in need by donating your children’s clothes to Jack’s corner and come join us and be apart of our parenting blog.

Our blog includes everything from helpful parenting advice to product recommendations aimed at making the lives of parents just a little bit easier. It’s a place where you can give advice, get advice or just be yourself. I’ve come to realize that I am very fortunate to have everything I’ve always wanted right in front of me and I would love to help other families conquer the same. Sometimes we gripe about our own lives and forget about everyone else’s lives who have it worse than us. If I never got pregnant again and had my son none of this would be possible. So come join our community and share your everyday situations and life stories and help me raise awareness for families in need.



11666304_1032402076771164_1161822712423197272_nHello ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Jack’s Corner. Let me introduce myself. My name is Mel, and I consider myself an eccentric mother of two, soon to be three. My first daughter was born when I was 21, my second daughter when I was 26 and currently pregnant at 30 years old. I love my children with all my heart, but they did not come with instructions. I am not a perfect parent, by any means, but I do the best I can as a single parent. Its all you can do these days.

I was asked to blog for this site, due to my random children issues, and interesting views on parenting. There are days that can get so crazy, that I understand back when, chasing a child down with a belt in hand. What I actually do is take an adult time out and fantasize about black mailing them when they get their first boyfriend, with silly baby pics and awkward clothing choices. (bwahahaha ha!!) Yes, I am that mom!! For the record, my daughters have made me become that mom. They are both amazing, wonderful, smart, beautiful and too curious for their own good. I find that you go through major changes as a parent and develop a stutter from repeating yourself, tourettes and A.D.D. from trying to multitask and being asked so many questions at once. A twitching disposition from seeing your child do something disgusting like eating a booger, Just to list a few new traits I was not born with.

The purpose of blogging on Jack’s Corner is to discuss parenting issues and situations. We all do the best we can, but sometimes need advice or to vent. Here is where we will talk about anything that comes to mind, that might help others better themselves as parents or make another person at ease, knowing someone feels the same as they do. Its always nice to have reassurance. No matter the situation or subject at hand, I never pass judgement, and ask no one else judge others either. This is to be a safe place of support,  ————– and hopefully some entertainment in our crazy lives as parents. If I am super lucky, maybe we could have guest bloggers that know more about a situation than myself… If there is any topics you would like to discuss, do not hesitate to contact me.


      Stranger danger
      Age appropriate chore list, and rewards.
      Punishments that work
      Child molestation
      Words of praise
      Autism (special guest blogger?)
    ** More topics to come!

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