Conjoined twins hug for first time since being separated

This is a must read story. If anyone has the time please read….

Fourteen-month-old twin brothers who had been conjoined at the head have shared their first hugs and words after being separated in the US.

Jadon and Anias McDonald, were born conjoined at the head in September last year near Chicago, the Daily Mail reports.

After 13 months, the boys and their parents travelled to New York for a 27 hour surgery to separate the twins.

The twins were discharged from hospital on Thanksgiving and were moved to a rehabilitation centre only six weeks after their surgery.

The boys’ mother, Nicole McDonald, shared a video on Facebook, of the boys in recovery hugging each other.

“So much to be grateful for … two beautiful, laughing and playing brown-eyed babies progressing in recovery in a way that is unimaginable,” Ms McDonald wrote in a post to Facebook on Thanksgiving.

Jadon is said to be recovering quicker than his brother but their surgeon, Doctor Philip Goodrich, believes Anias will also make a full recovery.

The parents have set up an online fundraiser to pay for the $2.5million surgery and have already surpassed their goal of reaching $100,000.

How incredible this is. I couldn’t imagine what their parents are going through and now what joy they feel. Medical science is by far a miracle.

Take the time to visit the full story at her Facebook page. This is a true miracle….

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