Discipline you ask??   Oh yes, we all have our different opinions on this subject. I’m 40 something and back in the day discipline was handed out from my mom first and then when dad got home, you better look out….

Now I know with me it always started with mom…Yeah Mom’s have that look, that one certain look and I think every mom has that look. My girlfriend April always used to say “Oh shit there’s that Lisa look” lol and you better believe it  they all knew someone was in trouble  Lol.

Now I remember growing up, I was the only girl. I had a brother and my cousins who were close to the family were all boys. So you could just imagine how much I got away with…. hahahahah. I never got in trouble because they boys constantly did, they were always doing something wrong and if I did I just blamed it in them… 😂

Now back then we got the belt, the strap, the whip what ever you want to call it we got our butts beat. It didn’t matter which parent did it and sometimes it was both. I know for me, if I got whipped once for something I wasn’t doing it again….

Now times have changed and for the worst I think….  Now a days if you hit your child or discipline the child in a way someone thinks is wrong they can call DCF or the child threatens to report you and what an ordeal that is. I’ve  know a few families who have had to go through this and it’s not fun at all.  Sometimes there are parents or families that shouldn’t really be going through that whole process but someone was bored with their own life and decided that for what ever reason they wanted to report that person. Then you have people who clearly see abuse or know some kind of information and just don’t want to get involved.   One of the families I am working with through Donation Central has two foster children who were both born addicted to heroine. Their biological mother use to dip the babies binki in heroine and then give it to them just to shut him up…. Finally, one of the neighbors called the authorities and now the mother has no rights anymore. It makes me sick to my stomach to hear this, I really does….

We also have these kids from this new generation that thinks that hitting is not allowed or that they shouldn’t be treated that way. Well I hate to give you the bad news but though luck. If you were my kid I’d beat your butt…You guys have it way to easy and you don’t even know how easy you have it and how lucky you are… these kids would never survive in our generation growing up.

I’ve  attached a few links and I encourage you to check them out… im pretty sure all you parents will agree with me that it was the perfect and best way to react to this situation….and unfortunately this doesn’t happen more… We always love to hear from our readers. Your thoughts and opinions count….


Here https://youtu.be/NffBrM8jzMY

Also check out this link below about positive parenting

Here http://americanspcc.org/parenting/positive-parenting/


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