Easy Christmas Kids Crafts

Keep the kids busy while you get everything ready for Christmas with these easy DIY Christmas crafts and I’m sure these kid crafts will come in hand while they are on winter break. I’m hoping to add a few more next week so check back with us for some great DIY ideas for the kids.

Mery Christmas and have fun!

Christmas Wreath Craft

Christmas Craft: Construction Paper Wreaths
This construction paper wreath is easy and fun, and it will also keep hands busy for a while. We’ll be able to show kids how wreaths are circles, and how circles are very important to our faith, especially at Christmas time.

• Green construction paper, 1 sheet for each child
• Red construction paper
• Scissors
• Stapler
• Pencil
• Ruler
• Marker
• Hole punch
• Glitter (optional)

1. Fold all sheets of green paper in half lengthwise.
2. On the opposite side of the fold, draw a line across horizontally using a pencil that is one inch away from the edge.
3. Make a bow stencil.

1. Cut straight lines about a half inch apart, starting at the fold and moving toward the pencil line. Cut right up to the pencil line.
2. Open the paper, and you will see all the lines cut from side to side, ending an inch from either end.
3. Fold the paper around into a tube, laying the one-inch of each uncut end on top of each other
4. Staple the ends in place. You will have created a tube.
5. Bend the top around so it makes a ring.
6. Add red holly berries from hole punches by dabbing a bit of stick glue on each and sticking it to the wreath.
7. Cut out the bow. Write on it PEACE ON EARTH.

Wreaths are symbolic circles. Circles have always been important in Christianity. They present the passing of our faith from one generation to the next so that each generation is as faith filled as the one preceding, and the circle is unbroken. The circle started with a babe in a manger.
Jesus was the first Christian. ( Move your hands along the wreath to each loop).
Jesus preached the gospel so that the next “generation” would be his apostles. They preached the gospel to others, who in turn preached it to others (keep moving your hands along loops, until you come to the last one before Jesus).
And here we are. What we want to do is keep ourselves close to Christ (point to the loop representing Jesus) so that the circle will be unbroken, even though it gets a little bigger with each generation!

Here’s A Real Easy One….

Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer

Everybody’s favorite reindeer is two handprints away from being the focal piece of the art display on the refrigerator. Add on some fuzzy poms poms and goofy eyes to outfit him in his best gear.

Cotton Ball Snowman Craft

This cotton ball snowman craft is perfect for preschoolers and kids in kindergarten, it’s super easy to make and allows for creativity when it comes to decorating!
Cotton Ball Snowman Craft – a perfect winter craft for toddlers, preschoolers and kids in kindergarten
Whether you like winter or not, snowmen are certainly a fun part of it – I’m not really a fan of this cold part of the year, can’t even imagine how I could run around in the snow and have snow fights and all as a kid, somehow being oblivious to the, well cold… But even as an adult I do kind of enjoy building snowmen… And throwing a snowball or two, as long as it’s not “returned to the sender” 😛 .
Let’s make a cotton ball snowman craft
What you need
cotton balls
white paper (letter size)
larger blue paper for background, preferably construction paper
glue (we used white school glue)
decorations – buttons, sequin, scrap paper, popsicle sticks, pom poms, fabric, craft foam… Whatever you can find, naturally pick the age appropriate decorations, larger ones for toddlers and preschoolers, smaller one for older kids).
Start by cutting a snowman shape from the white paper.
Generously apply glue to the snowman shape. Start placing cotton balls until you fill out the whole shape. You can let it dry for just a bit.
Add decorations.
Snowman Craft

We used two popsicle sticks to make hands, buttons to make eyes and buttons, black sequin to make the mouth, carrot was cut out of orange craft foam and the hat is made out of red craft foam and decorated with white fingerprints.
Now all that is left is to glue on the snowman onto blue background and display the artwork. Naturally you can also have the kids make snowflakes on the background with their fingers.




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