Happy Birthday Jack!! 🎂❤️🎉

Dear Jack,

Happy Birthday Buddy! We celebrated your 3rd birthday and Thanksgiving together again this year and what an amazing day we all had. When you were born a new tradition started and bring our family together to celebrate our love for you and to remember how blessed we really are.

I can’t begin to tell you how amazing you are and how much you really mean to all of us. When you were born you brought such love, light and enjoyment into each and everyone one of us. You are the little boy I always dreamed of and I believe you were sent from above. The Dear Lord and my Daddy sent you to us and ever since you were born all the events leading up to have proven that. You are so special to me and as time goes on and as you get older I will tell you each and everything.

I created Jack’s Corner and FMCTY’s because you were now in my life. At the age of 42 I was about to start all over with another child born. Your oldest sister was 22 and your youngest sister was 11 and we were about to be blessed with you. At that age I had so many thoughts and concerns and was now again starting over. Everything that went through my mind helped me create all of this and all of this is because of you. My Inspiration!!

I know in my heart that this may or may not work but I’m going to give a try. So if anyone is reading this please head on over to www.frommychildtoyours.com it’s designed for us to buy and sell our children’s clothes, accessories, crafts and much more. New or Preloved is more than welcomed. This shop was just created and I would love to hear about anything I should change or add. I only have a few articles of clothing up for sale right now and I hope in the near future there will be more.

I created a few stores so that you can see how everything works and I would love for anyone to try it out. It’s actually  a lot of fun having your own store and making a little bit of money to use when I have to buy more clothes because we all know how fast our children grow. Thank you for reading…

I Love You Jack and Thank You for making us whole again… Happy Birthday Baby!!


Mom ❤️


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