Hate Holidays, Dreaming Of Tax Time….

I am over it!!!  You read that right. I’m over it!! I know, I’m pregnant, and I should be looking forward to the food at least. But with a doctor like mine…. giving me more med, since she is basing my issues on test results weeks ago, (I’ve been eating healthier ever since…) but still tells me i have a bad eating habits…. I am not looking forward to presents. Why? I don’t believe I am getting anything…. Welcome to adulthood….. less presents. I don’t want any for the record. I want things to work out, kids healthy and maybe nicer. At least less disrespect.. I would SUPER appreciate it Santa, just saying. The girls get presents. If I am lucky, they will be disrespectful, like normal, and they will just stare at them the whole vacation.

I want tax time. The true adult christmas. Where we make the decisions of what we want. Do you want the bills paid?? Pay them….You need a new cell phone… buy it. You want to fix the car, so it drives smooth, get a babysitter for the weekend, and waste time with your friend Jose????? You grab that phone, call the mechanic, call the sitter or grandma, and go pick up Jose from the store and securely buckle him in for a ride… reach your destination and pop the top. You deserve it. That’s what I want. What brought this to mind today, you ask…. Peter Pan is stressing about bills, and we are fighting over a pizza. Stupid short story, I wont waste your time with it…. Alright, I’ll tell you. He wanted a pizza this morning, that’s fine, they don’t open til 11. We both take a small nap, my alarm says its 11, he panicked because i didn’t jump off the bed that minute to order it……..(remind yourself to breathe and don’t say a word) is what i tell myself. Then remember its December, the month of many stresses and arguments. So I have Peter pan upset and miserable, I’m freaking exhausted. Trouble sleeping at night, no energy, worst pregnancy ever, to getting the girls off the bus and to the store. What an adventure. “Emma don’t touch the glass on the deli area, please get the Pokemon card out of your mouth, Emma get off the floor, Emma please stop dancing in the store, Emma, if you put it in your mouth one more time, I am throwing it out, emma, I am begging you stop trying to sway and almost hit an elderly man…. no you can not have candy. You are being mean, so no, you can not have your Pokemon card back….” That’s the sum of about a half hour. They have stolen each others markers, chased each other, yelled a few times, still have not cleaned up their bedroom floor…. And today is the last full day of school, next two days are halves, and then vacation til the 9th…………. TIL THE 9 TH!!!!!!!!!!!!

It is now 6:20 pm, and they still haven’t stopped. Nothing I say makes a difference, and putting them both to bed is not an option, i have to go get his pizza at 7pm……. I am going to dream about tax time……. if I can sleep.


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