Hottest Toys of 2016

Are you finished shopping for the holiday season or have you not bought the first thing? Either way shopping for kids can be difficult, and some more so than others. Let’s face it toys from back in the day are way different than they are today! If you asked me what the selections of toys would contain, perhaps I may not know. But what I do know is, there are major mark ups on some of the hottest items out there. And some may be sold out and hard to find. I have seen over triple dollar mark ups on hard to find items. Do you fall into this circumstance of “not finding that gift?”

I started to do a bit of research and sure enough I was lost. Then I started to think, oh gosh I’m not even sure which of these would be on the list. Would I recognize them? Am I the only one who feels like this?? Probably not.

So my saving grace is always a toy store. One of the biggest ones I know, Toys ‘R Us. They have everything from (do you remember the song?) bikes to trains to video games (hahaa), and well I’m sure you know the rest!

So I included the ‘Hottest Toys of 2016 – Shopping Site.’ And I love the idea of shopping online these days! Score!! Hope this helps…



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