Jack Went To Speech Therapy

So I finally made the appointment for Jack to go and have his speech checked. It was last week and it went actually quite well. I was very impressed with the facility and also of course with my son. Of course when we got there he was a little skeptical and a little shy but overall he was very cooperative as cooperative as a two-year-old will be. Soon after waiting only about 20 minutes a lady came out and her name was MJ. MJ came over immediately and went right to Jack. She brought a smile to his face immediately . I was very surprised of his initial reaction when she introduced herself. I expected him to be very shy and not want to speak to anybody but he was the total opposite. MJ reached out and told Jack “Come on Jack let’s go, I have some things I’m going to show you” and he reach for her hand and off they went into the back room, of course I followed lol. So to the back room we went and we sat down. She began to speak only to Jack, she showed him everything in the room and made him feel very comfortable it was a really great experience which made me feel very comfortable as well.       So she explained to me what was going to happen and she also asked me questions as to our concerns and why were here and so on. Now comes Jack…. She started the two-part test and the first test was comprehension. She explained to me that while taking the test they have to get six questions or tasks wrong in a row in order for the test stop. So if the child gets five wrong in a row and gets the sixth one right then they must continue on with the test. So we spent about 45 minutes doing this first test. I think halfway through she looked at me and said “Do you know how smart your son is?” The level that we are at right now is that of a five-year-old’s level. I couldn’t believe what she was telling me I was of course very excited, proud and happy. All kinds of emotions went through my head. So we continued on with the test. Then he finally got 6 wrong in a row and again she looked at me and said “I cannot believe this but do you know where we are stopping in the test? Do you know what level we are at?” Of course I told her no…She says your son is so very smart, he is testing at a seven and a half year olds level. I just couldn’t believe my ears. A seven and half year old, Wow!! Im sure there are many other children out there who test higher than that at 2 and a half but to hear that it’s your own son WOW!!! So now comes the next part of the test and of course that was the speech part of it and we all knew that he would have difficulty on this part of the test because he only says about 15 words. So we went through the test and yes he failed the speech part. After failing the speech part of the test she tallied up the scores and we discussed what she thinks he needs and how we’re going to do this. We discussed what is a head of us and how many times a week he needs speech therapy. So Jack is going to start going to speech therapy 3 times a week. I’m actually excited because I think this is what he needs. He did so well following instructions and interacting with MJ and I think this is exactly what he needs to get him going. Since then he is saying more words every day and making progress. We are just waiting on insurance to ok everything. So kudos to Jack!! Momma is so very proud of her sweet man…. I’m sure once he starts really talking we won’t be able to shut him up lol…. Thanks for reading  and if you have a child that is having a problem with his speech or has had a problem with his speech in the past comment below let us know.  We would love to hear from other moms and dads out there….



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