Let The Men Do The Shopping???

Let the men do the what?? Yep, that’s what I said. I know…I know…. I am just as worried as you when I heard the statement, and well…should we be???

As studies has shown for decades and decades – men and women think differently when it comes to, yep, pretty much everything. You say red, he says green, he says potatoes, you say rice.

But with the times changing, so is the pattern in shopping. Yes that’s right –> MEN ARE SHOPPING MORE and they have their very own cute shopping title trend, “BRO-cery” shopping. (Like did anyone else but me know this??) And those bros who upped it a notch and became family men are stated to be more and more involved calling them “millennial dads!”

Research has been done and there is a rise in the amount of “Millennial Dads” who are more involved than ever. Up 62% since 2013. It’s amazing dads do more shopping these days?? Who knew? Way to go dads!! Making an impact in our society in such a positive way!

They are a “unique group,” as stated in an article written a by PR Newswire. “Millennial Dads” are proving to be a very unique group…redefining fatherhood by spending more time with their kids, doing a larger portion of the household shopping, 4+ times a week.” But does that mean they get the job done better than us ladies?

Studies show that men spend less time in the store per trip than women, but spend more money. They are also more frequent fliers than we are ladies, and you guessed it, because of short term planning. Well I guess that’s good for retailers and any family not on a budget, but how many people can say they fall in that category? Well not I, haha!

Studies have also revealed that our “bro-cery” shopping patterns have shifted from meat and booze to –> meat, chips, cereal, and family related items. So next time you are tempted to say, “can’t you go to the store honey?” You may want to take a deep breath, tell him to relax, stay home, play with the kids, take this trip solo and we’ll keep the secret between us!

Here http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/bro-cery-shopping-ibotta-study-finds-62-increase-in-millennial-dads-buying-groceries-300283471.html


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