Mom is Always the Bad Guy

What am I watching? Waiting as impatiently as I can for my oldest to wash the dishes, (The min time she has had them done is 3 hours… there isn’t that many.) Apparently I left on HGTV….. There is a man walking through houses with a couple. He isn’t dressed like a realtor. Before I hit the guide button, I am learning quite a bit about buying a home, and what to look for. Oh, whatever this is, started a new episode. HAHA there is a couple looking for a house for their “future children”…… Does this nice man let them know what type of paint to have on the walls that makes it easier to take nail polish off of it? SHarpie marker? Crayon? So far no. Will anyone let them know to expect their room to be clean maybe four times a year? Nope. Nonetheless, I am learning what to check in a house. I rent….  None of the places I have rented, would I ever buy. This really isn’t a bad show. Crap where is the remote. We need a pager in this house attached to the remote, keys and cell phones…. ugh. FOUND IT…. its called “Holmes: Buy It Right”. Didn’t know this existed. That’s nice, a contractor is helping people figure out the better investment for their first house. I wonder if you can find more contractors like that. It would be nice to know what you’re investing in.

I am writing what i am watching because I am waiting for the dishes to be done. Not that I can’t do them myself, but she needs chores. I am trying to remember what I thought about chores when my parents gave them to me.. oh, that’s right…” This Sucks!!” I get it sucks doing chores when its vacation… but I look at it like I am preparing her for moving out one day. She takes forever on dishes, cleaning their room is a week project for them. It doesn’t make sense why? I remember getting my butt beat if I took this long. I remember them throwing out my toys without remorse. Now… now I get judged. I am judge as a mean parent for throwing anything out, “they are kids and need their toys, need to have fun, and need incentives”. That is just a few of the dumb comments I get. First of all…. they do not need all those toys. After they open their christmas presents, I give it a max of two weeks that they will be entertained by them, then in the toy box they go. Eventually lost pieces, broken and then in the garbage they go. Electronics are their ‘thing’. But buying a few google play gift cards doesn’t fill the extra voids under the tree. “That’s not a christmas, they need more.” I love being undermined…. So they learn from other adults to not listen to mom….. Thanks.

We also can not make one mark on the children. “Is that a bruise? I’m am calling child services”….. Says the stupid adults that think they know all. First off… kid did that herself. I said don’t bounce  from bed to bed… we have concrete floors…. But again we do not listen to mom. Ask them to clean the room. Incentive, their aunt is coming with their cousins…. Nope. So when the idea of cousins not staying due to not cleaning their room… “It’s not fair, I wanted to see them, we never have sleep overs.” Yay.. somehow more my fault. If i tell the oldest that we told them ahead of time the consequences… I get, “I never do anything right, it’s always my fault.” Ugh. If I agree, since it is your fault, you should have listened, I am enabling a negative frame of mind, and you will have possible depression.. If I tell you it is not your fault so I don’t enable this issue, I am not teaching you to take responsibility.

If someone wants them for part of the vacation, but the kids do not do what is asked of them before they leave, They shouldn’t go.. right. Can reward children for not doing as they are told. You tell the adult that wants to spend time with them, they can not and why…..”But I am (so and so), and I asked to spend time with them. I planned a whole thing for them. We were going to do ‘this’, and ‘this’.” Pause game, are you trying to guilt trip me???? I am trying to teach them responsibility. You are not helping. So now I am the bad guy????

Anyone else get this crap? How do you handle all this? My kids are better than most, but they don’t care to listen to mom, and mom is always the bad guy.


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