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As Our Holiday Weekend Comes To An End

As the holiday weekend comes to an end sit back and think about everything you’ve done, everyone you’ve met or seen. Just take a minute to give thanks and praise for another day here, a little more time with your loved ones and anything that means something to you. You just never know when it […]

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Top New Years Eve Appetizer Recipes

Good morning everyone I am super excited it is New Year’s Eve, let the parties begin!!  I just love this time of the year where we get to make our favorite foods and drink our favorite wines and spend the holidays together with family and friends. In a way I’m glad Christmas is over but […]

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How To Enjoy The Holidays While Nursing A Newborn

The chaotic holiday season can be a challenging time for nursing moms. Amanda Buchanan’s daughter, Penny, was just 10 days old when they spent a couple of nights at Amanda’s in-laws’ house over the holidays. Breastfeeding had gotten off to a rocky start; Penny wasn’t able to latch at the hospital and had only just […]

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The Do’s And Dont’s For Holiday Returns And Exchanges

Looking to return or exchange some of the holiday gifts you received this year? To get the most bang for your buck, you need to be aware of the specific rules by which the retailers abide. Read on to find out the best way to successfully return items at some of the most popular stores […]

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As if we don’t run a full time schedule already and the holidays are upon us, and now it’s our turn for snack time duty at school, are you kidding me? Well if you are one that is faced with this special time of year and current lifetime duty, know there are simple “backpack ready” […]

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