The Blog is MINEEEE!!!! BWAHAHA.

Lisa is out fishing…. that means Jack’s mom has no cell service….. the blog is mine… BWAHAHA. I got it excited. So lets talk. Not just read, talk. (means you reply). I am not a mind reader. Yeah, this is a blog, but it’s also a parenting community. Meaning, we want feed back. We want to know what you like, dislike, worries, concerns, and I would LOVE your funny stories. I mean, I am not expecting you to out do me in stories, my five-year old trying to bring the 60’s back and going commando in pre-k….. or my older when five touched her first vibrator, and still doesn’t know it. (wonder what face she will make when she realizes it, or when I bring it up, when she is older???? Someone remind me to take a pic and post it.) Things happen people, and I will find entertainment out of my kids…  why? its only fair, they suck the life out of me. Just saying. But we need to know your opinions. Or what would you do in the situation?

We want feed back. We know that eventually the ‘shop’ portion of this site will be up no later than spring, but we like writing. We like being part of a growing parenting community. We like giving to families in need. You will never see my kids clothes on the site, I donate all…. My kids make stains on stains, there is no amount of caring for me to get them out… so I give them to Lisa. (hahaha). It’s true….ask her. I giggle. I also know what it is like to need. It sucks. But I have no shame on asking. Dont ask, don’t get help…

So here is a little haha on me. Lisa was talking about how she thinks this great little community we have going will eventually get bigger, and how she can’t wait for the consignment shop, and that consignment shops will get big in a few years, said something about Shark Tank… I replied with “Shark Bait, who haha….” She said no. I thought we were getting excited about all of this.. You know, getting everything up and running, so we can work mostly at home, and help families in need… So I thought we were quoting Finding Nemo…. Shark bait, Shark Tank… I’m pregnant, they sounded similar. Bite me…. (we have really, REALLY crappy phones,  I don’t have bad service, but she is a second away from being in 20 years behind in flip phone time…) So she said no. Shark Tank, I am now about to reply, I don’t like the scary things in the ocean, I will never go in a shark tank. So long story a bit shorter, she is talking about the show. Which I still havent seen. Nope, I have not. She thinks it would be great for be on the show, and see if we can get financial backing. WHAT? NO!!! Me on camera. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. I am camera-shy. I am the one behind the camera… I LOVE photography. (hence we will being doing a photo shoot with the kids soon…..I am the camera person). Just saying. Yes, we will be posting the evil minions. You will finally see the small people who control our lives.

So Shark tank… I am a bit confused on what it is. I don’t know if I am good at competing for money, and even the idea of going on Ellen maybe one day scares me. Have you read my posts? I am the CraZy mOm….. You know as well as I do, Ellen will have me blush, laugh… people I am german, Irish and Scottish, means I am iridescent and sometimes glow, do to special unique lighting…. I turn RED-RED in the face. There is no make up that exists to cover up what my face will turn into. Apples have nothing on me. So trying to see this from Lisa’s point of view, I will be trying to get over my fear of my face on the opposite side of the lens. While I was browsing facebook, posting to my Healthier Mel page, adding things to my Crazy Parents Laundry Basket group, I saw a post stating that these two women from Korea are being backed by Shark Tank. They came up with what seems to be magic face cream. I watched the videos.. I HAVE ORDERED THE FACE CREAM. I will be taking pictures everyday to see progress. I am 31, in Florida, with TWO evil children, about to be three…… I am younger than the other moms, but I am looking older than I want to. I am feeling my age. So I will go on the leap and try this face cream, and we will see the results also. This will also prep me for being in front of the camera…. so Lisa, me and fit mom can eventually post videos of us… Hopefully with wine for them, Jack for me and talk about whatever…(we need to stop saying such bad words in our vocabulary first.) But one step at a time. Keep in mind, we need you guys to communicate with us… preferably on the blog comment section, but beggers can’t be choosers… TALK TO US.

Eventually I will be also on Thrive, and exercising and losing baby weight. If i can do it, you can be at least part of the journey, and maybe join me on a healthy experience. No stress tho. I will be getting as healthy as possible while still eating blueberry muffins…… I am determined.

So let me know what you want, need. What would get you guys interested in our community more, what you want to know more about. Maybe you want to guest blog with us???? Maybe you want to try the face cream too… Let me know. I am not posting the link til someone says, I do not want to peer pressure everyone, not yet at least. I am all for being the only test dummy in our little community right now…. I just don’t like the whole take pictures of myself, I’m sorry the hip thing is called ‘selfies’…. (please tell me I don’t have to get a selfie stick… I’m not ready for that stuff…) I’m a girl, I rarely like how I look… I”M A GIRL…IT IS NORMAL.

I will respond to yas a.s.a.p….. just give me a bit…I have to go clean the crap out of the house, the dogs, the laundry…. Peter Pan’s aunt called yesterday and decided she will be here on thursday to spend the night and stuff. The holidays, children, dogs and my lazy pregnant issues have caused this house to become, well.. not soo pretty. My couch and living room table are currently being used to hold or house clean laundry not yet folded…(its been like that for almost a week…)




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