What Is Wrong With People??

What Is Wrong With People??

So today I would like to talk a little bit about children who live in neglected or abused homes. Since my journey has started in March I have come across more families than I could’ve ever imagined that have their priorities a little mixed up. I see parents possibly having a bad day and taking it out on their children. I see parents screaming at their children. Why are they screaming at their children? Probably because they are miserable themselves. Well I hate to break the news to you but children are children. They are gonna touch things that their not suppose to touch. They’re going to act out when we don’t pay attention to them etc….They are children HELLO!!

Story Time:
Not too long ago school started and it seemed like everyone waited till the last minute to get haircuts. When I say last minute I mean the night before school starts at 7:30 PM when we close at 8:00 PM. Yes, this happens every year. This years lice outbreak was just horrific and we had to turn away many families because the children were infested with lice. I had this one family who came in and the family consisted of a mother, daughter and two little boys. The daughter had to be about maybe seven and the two little boys had to be about four and two years old. So The older of the boys went first and he sat in my chair and the mother bent over and got in his face and told him with a very stern voice ” You better sit still or you know what you will get” I just couldn’t believe my ears. Well this little boy was like a little soldier, he didn’t move an inch. He was so cute and he stayed still the whole time. It really scares me to hear stuff like that because god only knows what really happens inside the home when it’s only them. Well next was the little girl. So she hops up in my chair and I proceed to look through her hair as I did any other child. She was definitely infested with lice. So I called the mother over and told her ” I’m sorry but I won’t be able to cut your daughters hair tonight” She looked at me like I was crazy or something lol she says ” What do you mean?” I said, ” Well your daughter has lice and by law I can’t cut her hair or do anything to it” she looked at the daughter and said “Why didn’t you tell me you had bugs, why didn’t you tell me your head itched?” Now those questions I hear so often and what I would love to say to the parent is “Why isn’t it your responsibility?” ” Why should it be your kids responsibility ?” The mother then asked me ” What am I suppose to do?, She can’t go to school looking like that and I have to work at 8am.” Mean while the little boy who was in the stroller was crying probably due to the fact no one was paying attention to him and he really didn’t want to be in his stroller either. So then what happens next is just awful. The mother turns around and slaps the child across the face and proceeds to tell him to shut up. I was so upset and again I couldn’t believe what I was seeing…. I had to walk away or I was going to say something to her and it probably wasn’t going to be nice either. What the hell is wrong with people? What goes through someone’s head when they act this way? So needless to say the mother and her children left and it was probably a good thing because I was ready to slap her across the face….
The same night on the way home from work I stopped at the grocery store to get milk and creamer and I was walking into the store. Just outside was a young couple with a baby and they were arguing. The baby couldn’t have been more than a year old. When I came out of the store the baby was crying and the couple was still arguing. Next thing I heard was the mom tell the baby to “shut up!!” I stopped dead in my tracks and this time I turned around. The young man asked me with a very bad attitude ” You got a problem?” After seeing that lady at work slap her 2 year old and now this, well I just couldn’t help my mouth. I spoke up and said “Yes I have a problem, your my problem. Why would you treat your baby that way? How dare you yell at that pour child that like that? If I could ensure myself not to go to jail I would whip your &?#%… lol I guess you could say I was pissed… After that was said I proceeded to walk to my car and go home. I just couldn’t believe what I saw today. All of it. I just couldn’t believe how people act. What is wrong with people? Maybe it’s in the way they were raised themselves, I don’t know. I can definitely say I have never treated my children like that and never will in the future. I’m most certain my kids will never treat their kids like that as well because that’s not how they were raised. So what drives them to do this? What sets them off? I see this stuff more and more everyday and it just breaks my heart. I want to take all these kids and just run away with them and give them a better home. lol
So I would love to hear from anyone who has any insight on this subject. Maybe you have come across a situation yourself and had to put your 2 sense in. Let us know we would love to hear your stories…..


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