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Tis the holiday season to take your parents for granted. Or at least that is how it seems. Parenting is a never ending battle of frustrations, appreciations, disappointments, and stuggles. As parents, it is our duty to give these kids amazing lives. The lives we didnt have growing up, taught the lessons our own parents forgot to teach, all to point them in the direction of an amazing life. You give your child your trust to follow directions, and complete what the school requests of them. When you get an email stating what they are missing, you ask them to explain themselves…(think this is step one of where I went wrong), and then you give them the benefit of the doubt to fix their issue.

Maybe it is glasses? Scheduling a appointment for their vision is simple. They miss school for the appointment just to hopefully correct an issue. The glasses arrive, only to be broken in a week, and you are not told of this until three weeks later. The glasses are so damaged, your child will not bring them home for you to fix. This beautiful child already sits in the first and second row of all her classes, which you made sure to notice when you went to their intro to the classes. Could her eyes be that bad  and are the cause of her missing assignments?

Did anyone ever notice the big differences in when we were in school to these kids these days? Not the rambling attitude of “back in my day, we walked 45 minutes uphill, in a blizzard…….”.  The issue of course is not transportation, but where did their books go? No matter how old you were when you went to school, we had these things called books. I mean, I get it, we advanced in technology, and it is the official information age, but why did we get rid of the books? I can google anything, and get an answer. Anyone who took a writing class in college, knows that when citing your work, it needs to be a reliable source, and of course NEVER wikipedia, which can be altered by anyone. I remember carrying books. Large books that weighed so much, you had to even out your backpack with books and the rest you carried home, so you did not have a broken back. Just saying. Now all they need is an ipad, that you have to sign for, and if your child breaks it, you are responsible. Did anyone ever ask if I trust my child enough with such responsibility?? No, but they will trust a child they don’t know with an expensive device, that  I can not afford for myself…..

So this ipad has everything. Has what the teacher taught in class, assignments they went over, plus their homework. This child even takes a freaking picture of the freaking board that the teacher wrote notes, so she can re-go over what she learned. This depletes the issue of the glasses being broken and her sight being an issue. Remember devices these days also let you zoom. So why is this child having issues?

I gave her time to correct them, two months later, she is still having an email send to my iphone stating she is missing work. Wait, What? She has been in her room from 3 til 9:30 almost every night doing homework. Why is this still an issue? Ask her again why she can not do her work? She blames the teacher, her friend for distracting her, and the ipad is always dead. Well, what the hell??????? What does she say at the end of our conversation??? “If i go go to school just to fail, why do I even go to school?”


I’ve come to the conclusion that it is my fault. THey say the apple falls not far from the tree. I must have failed her somewhere. So I am currently taking away all electronics except her ipad for school, I have also taken away toys, activities of fun, and her christmas vacation to sit with her at the table unless I am busy with the other children, to go over what she needs to complete to bring her grades up. I will be doing this for what I hope will be for three months, until it is embedded in her brain to complete her work. Fingers crossed it helps. Now if I can figure out her sisters issues. That a different blog entry for another day.


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