Are U Freaking Kidding Me?? I’m Sick And In My Third Trimester….

You know how couples do cute things together? Couples always have some cute thing that they do.  Peter pan comes in from smoking a cigarette and holds his phone where I can see if… (I’m sick and he is freaking out I have coodies and has been spraying the whole house). He makes me watch something on his newsfeed… we do it all the time. It’s a pic of a man that looks like santa, has sad classical music and you have to read the screen. A min or so goes by and I ask if this is gunna b sad…”just watch it”….

Fine, I continue to watch it. It’s about the man who looks like santa and was called to the hospital to give a child a present his family bought him, because he isn’t going to make it to christmas. So now tears are running down my face, nose is stuffing up… “Peter pan this is sad why are you making me watch this?”

“Because I cried  and I need you to cry so I don’t feel like a pussy.”

ARE U FREAKING KIDDING ME? I AM SICK AND IN MY THIRD TRIMESTER A$$….. of course I’m gunna cry. I could cry to almost any movie… including Titanic.. (for the record, I have never cried for that movie.)
I think Peter pan just had his first emotional dad moment… before his son is born… bwahahahahah.


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