You Want Me To Eat Whattt???

Happy New Year! You want me to EAT WHATTT??? Yep! It’s that time of the year again where we make resolutions to aim ourselves into a better direction than the year before. Whether it’s a household budget, a bucket list, lifestyle change, you can count on it hitting the list. But are these things on the list something we complete? Well I am there also with many resolutions but one I have been able to keep because I have made it into a LIFESTYLE. It’s a Clean eating Lifestyle.

Do you get intimidated by the term Clean Eating? What makes this sound like you can’t do it? We eat everyday. A few times a day and some of us a few more times a day than others, hahaa! It has to become a LIFESTYLE. Not only a lifestyle but YOUR lifestyle with all the healthy foods that YOU LOVE incorporated into it. This is your story and it’s about YOU! That’s what makes this journey AMAZING!

You can not go into a new adventure/journey with doubt/negative mind, or you will never get there. It’s like saying, “I’m going to Disney!” and turning around saying, “but I can’t get in the car because we might get in an accident.” Sometimes punching out your doubts/fears takes additional courage, but it just might take you somewhere –> beautiful and fun!

It takes change to get change. YOU are the only one that can change it! It may take baby steps, one day at a time, trading an unhealthy food out for a healthy one once a day until you have fully incorporated all healthy foods into your day, one bite at a time. Everyday may not be perfect. It doesn’t have to be cold turkey. It’s not about saying, “oh I can never eat that again.” Clean Eating is about maximizing your energy so you feel your best while optimizing your health. 20% of YOUR EFFORTS are going to lead to 80% of YOUR RESULTS (Pareto principle). Learn to eat healthy 80% of the time and 20% to reward yourself. But don’t undo it all rewarding yourself incorrectly. Reward yourself positively in ways that are not necessarily related to food. A new outfit, new gym clothes, new shoes, a movie, a new book, a trip, you get the idea..After all, this is all about you!

If you overdo it in the wrong ways, you will know it. Either with not feeling satisfied with your choices or feeling like garbage because of the unhealthy foods you put in your body after making all the improvements you have. This is about improving everyday even if it is seems minuscule at the moment. Just because yesterday didn’t go as planned doesn’t mean tomorrow will be the same. It’s about ATTITUDE: good or bad! It takes recognizing all of this and incorporating new ideas and making each day better than yesterday! It may take collaborating ideas and strategies that others have used that you may have never thought of. Use all of this to your advantage and share with others. Remember the littles are always watching and you never know who you are encouraging!


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