10 Ways to Beat Burn Out

When 2017 starts out on the left foot instead of the right and almost 2 weeks behind schedule, it can be a bit discouraging. As 2016 sucked for a lot of us, 2017 holds a huge amount of hope and a fresh start! Feeling bummed or burnt out is no joke. So I don’t know about you, but I am ready to turn this thang around, hahaa!

The year 2017 is going to be the healthiest year yet, we tell ourselves over and over (well I do anyways! We live to be our best everyday right?), but we feel pulled into the same routine of difficulties no matter what changes we have applied. Well if your like some of us out there, getting burnt out (and yes it is such thing) – DON’T feel alone! There are plenty of us that are feeling this way as well. And as we are feeling burnt out, mentally and emotionally, how is our health ever going to be at optimum level? Well I ran into the Elephant Journals, 10 Ways to Take Care of Ourselves when We are Suffering from Burn Out and they have great advice!

In order for our bodies to run top notch we must step up our self care and shift our focus to us for a moment in order boost our immunity to stress. Stress is a killer disease. Killing many Americans a year. Saying this, this is where we turn the focus around and focus on you. Take the stress down a level or ten!

Here are 10 Ways to Take Care of Ourselves when We are Suffering from Burn Out.

1. Community. Hanging out with friends or spending time with an actual human boosts our mood even if we do not know them. Our brains operate best when we interact with others. It changes the activity in the brain which decreases stress and anxiety. Sharing a smile can go a long way.

2. Take a break. Take a moment and break away from whatever may have your attention. Whether it is a short moment or a break from a routine- reprioritize, breathe, and refocus. Close your eyes, relax, and refocus for the long haul, or stand up, stretch, and hydrate for the moment. Get the endorphins moving. Either will help replenish your mind.
3. Get fresh air and sunshine! 20 minutes a day will not only clear your mind but boost your immune system as well. Natural Vitamin D is synthesized through our skin and a natural source of this immunity boosting vitamin is absorbed.

4. Eat food cooked with love. Have a snack when your mood is down and get your blood sugar up. Love makes the levels in the brain crazy, so fueling your body with food made with love takes your mind to a different level. Be sure to keep away from refined foods and processed foods and stick to Whole Foods, fresh veggies, and lean meats.
5. Meditate. Meditating provides that real we need, from our thoughts, and heals stress on many levels. Aim for 10 minutes of daily meditation and improve cardiovascular health and helps achieve a greater capacity for relaxation.

6. Exercise. Our bodies are made to move. Exercise helps boost endorphins, lifting our mood and energy levels. 30 minutes daily is recommended.

7. House plants. A natural form of beauty, relaxation, and health. A natural air filter with benefits.
8. Stretch. The American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) recommends stretching each of the major muscle groups at least 2 times a week for 60 seconds per exercise.

9. Get enough sleep. Sleep is a key part of a healthy lifestyle. Your body craves consistency so go ahead and aim for 7-8 hours a night. Even if you have to set up a game plan to achieve this, you won’t be sorry that you did!
10. Laugh! Read something that will make you laugh. Talk to someone that will make you laugh. Watch something that will make you laugh. Amuse yourself with something that will make you laugh. Just laugh!! The University of Maryland has linked laughter to the healthy function of blood vessels – something that can lower your chance for a heart attack. Laughter also boosts heart rate and the production of certain anti-bodies which strengthens our immune system. Well as the old saying goes- laughter is the best medicine after all.

So there we have have it. Next time your feeling burnt out, just give these tips a try. Mix it up, and let the burn out fade! Now, back to you…


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