5 DIY Kids Crafts

Hey everyone the kids have quite a few days off for the holiday season so here are a few DIY Kid Crafts to keep them busy. Who knows maybe us Mom’s and Dad’s will have fun also…. 😜

Fish Plates

Have fun painting a sea of these cute fishy plates. But be careful—these pretty plates are for decoration, not eating off of!

Let the kids get creative with paper plates and paint to make these fun, colorful fish.

Paper plates (2 per fish)

Acrylic paint in assorted colors



Round adhesive labels

Googly eyes or buttons




1. Decorate one paper plates as body of fish. Paint stripes or other designs. For scales, cut round labels in half and stick them on. Paint on an eye, or glue on a googly eye or button. Paint a mouth or cut one out.
2. On another paper plate, draw upper and lower fins and a tail. (TIP: Use rim of plate for it’s fluted texture. Cut out pieces. Paint; let dry. Glue to fish body.)


Indoor Sandbox

Play In The Sandbox

If it’s to chilly for outdoor Sandbox play, bring the fun indoors. Fill a large plastic bin with dry beans, rice, oats, and various kinds of pasta. Provide cups, spoons, and funnels, and let your little ones enjoy scooping and pouring. Spread an old sheet under the bin, and pour any stray pieces back in when the kids are finished playing. (Carefully supervise smaller children.)                                 Bonus: You won’t be shaking sand out of their shoes for the next week and since they are out of school for a few more days this will be a sure thing to keep them busy whether they are inside or outside. Have Fun!!







Mini Garden Terrariums 

Encourage kids to use their creativity and create their own terrarium. They can pick their plants and add their own toys or items to the container. It’s a no-mess alternative to a houseplant.

A terrarium is a fun project to make with kids, and it can bring a touch of organic life to a boy’s room without the mess of a houseplant. Add his favorite figurine to personalize it.What boy doesn’t love Bugs 🐛







Tin-Can Wind Chime

This beautiful craft is a great way to let little ones explore their creativity, while making something that’s a treat for the ears and eyes.

Use old cans and paint to create this charming wind chime.

5 or 6 tin cans in different sizes

Acrylic paint or latex wall paint


Painter’s tape





10″-wide embroidery hoop

Hot-glue gun


1. Rinse cans in hot water and remove any labels. Let dry. Paint cans a solid color, applying two coats (TIP: Semi- or high-gloss paint gives cans a great shine.) Paint gemoetric designs on cans. For stripes, use painter’s tape to mask off sections. Let dry.
2. Using a hammer and a nail, tap a small hole through center of a can bottom. Cut a 3′ length of twice and thread through hole. Knot end inside of can. Repeat for remaining cans.

3. Tie cans to embroidery hoop using simple square knots. Space evenly around hoop. Vary lengths so they can hang at different heights. Make sure they care close enough to one another to collide when wind blows, so they will make a sound. Apply glue to each knot to keep it in place.

4. Glue one end of twine to hoop, then wrap twine around hoop until completely covered. Glue end in place. To make a hanger, cut three 2′-long pieces of twine. Tie each piece to hoop, spaced evenly around hoop. Tie pieces together in a single knot, making sure hoop hangs level.


Water Bottle Piggy Bank

Turn an ordinary item into a cute coin bank with this clever water bottle craft.

Materials you have:

Empty plastic beverage bottle (the wider the better)
Craft knife
Colored paper (1 sheet orange, 1 sheet blue)
Craft glue
Transparent tape
Hole punch
Materials you need:

Ear templates (download at allyou.com/piggybank)
4 wood beads (3/4″ diameter) from factorydirectcrafts.com
Orange acrylic paint from Staples

Peel label off clean, empty bottle. Use craft knife to cut a 1 1/2″ x 1/8″ wide slot (for inserting coins) in bottle, about midway between top and bottom.
Use scissors to cut a strip of orange paper long enough to wrap around bottle and same width as bottle label. Wrap paper around bottle and use a pencil to trace over slot in bottle. Unwrap paper and cut slot with craft knife.

Use scissors to cut out ear and inner-ear templates. Place ear template on orange paper and trace around. Repeat for other ear. Cut out. Place inner-ear template on blue paper and trace around. Repeat. Cut out. Fold ears at tab. Position ears along edge of paper band, about 1″ to each side of slot. Tape tabs to back of paper band. Wrap band with ears around bottle, aligning slots on bottle and paper. Overlap ends of band and tape seam.


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