Alex, I will pick ‘Three day induced coma’ for 100 please…

Yes. That’s what I want… why? I can’t sleep. Ladies and Gents, it’s the freaking holidays. Everyone is checking lists, or finally making them, or can’t find the last one they made just a few days ago…(me!) Christmas is the time of giving… but your looking more forward to receiving and the food to be perfectly honest. But what does this Christmas mean for me while in my third trimester????

Hell… It means not only do I panic about the normal stuff… I have those wonderful added hormones to top it off. Yay me!!!!! As I played a video game to destress from Peter pans mother going to the hospital…. She thought she had a ‘mini’ heart attack. What? pause game…. what’s a mini one? Then goes and has ‘small’ heart surgery… putting stints in…. and doesn’t tell anyone. Sweet baby goodness…. I cried. It’s not cool to have something tramatizing around christmas…

While remembering  the couches are finally coming tomorrow….When I am suppose to be sleeping… (we are getting couches. Been here about two months… no couches… ), I realize the living room is a mess, and it’s a bit over a week til christmas day…. this prego only put the lights on the tree… no ornaments. Pineapples!!!

Next stop on the no sleep plan for the night… baby. Nesting period is starting. You know it when you look around and nothing is perfect. Nothing. ugh. Why do I have to think about the stuff I need to now do, when sleep was suppose to happen? This baby isn’t coming til March first…. I have time. Nope. Baby brain now argues with me. Just when I thought arguing with yourself was bad… now it’s like arguing with your nagging mother about how nothing I do is right…. (insert rolled eyes… crap she caught me… now comes the hand on the hip, tapping toe lecture…. we’ve all been there. If you were super luck, she just gave up and beat you…)

To top it all off… just when you think the fight is over… Hello alarm. Two seconds later, your now quiet brain hears screaming, yelling, crying and I believe someone just said someone spit at them. Yay… kids are up. Let the day begin…. maybe if I am lucky, Santa will finally give me that three day induced sleep I’ve been asking for, for over five years… or just a peaceful nap. Beggers can’t be choosers. Just saying.

Pregnant and the holidays are stressful. Don’t do it. Just say no to sex in the summer…. For now, til all the stress is over, sleep is like a dirty fantasy…. you want it, you crave it, it’s not happening.



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