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You Give Them an Inch

    Tis the holiday season to take your parents for granted. Or at least that is how it seems. Parenting is a never ending battle of frustrations, appreciations, disappointments, and stuggles. As parents, it is our duty to give these kids amazing lives. The lives we didnt have growing up, taught the lessons our […]

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Teething Hysterically

Anakin is pulling at his ears. Now a sleep deprived mother, such as myself knows that, that is a sign of a possible ear infection. WAIT… pause game, immense drool. Like Beethoven, the movie of the dog amount of drool. So, just to double check…… YUP, he is trying to eat my finder like a […]

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Cuteness Overload

He is almost four months   0

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Crazy How Fast Things Change

I know I haven’t been posting. Deepest apologies… Crazy though, how things change so fast and so drastically. I went from a mom of two crazy, ridiculous, couldn’t keep up with little girls, to a mom of three and the worst post-partum depression I have ever had. My oldest has completed the fifth grade. Doesn’t […]

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She is back…….Crazy Mom…..and Baby!!

At 36 weeks, I gain 8 pounds in a week, which tipped off the doctor something was up. I had hypertension and preeclampsia… So she scheduled me to be induced. Took four almost five hours with no drugs to deliver a perfect baby boy… let me flood your email with cuteness……… I know why they […]

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Insert Road Rage Here

So let’s take a moment and breathe…… I would like to say, I wish some of us were gifted with telepathy, or I Dream Of Genie powers, or twinkle our nose like Bewitched. I feel only certain people should be gifted the right of such magic. Why you ask. To help out our fellow police […]

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A Fat Chick and a Darth Vader Cake

So I am officially 37 weeks on friday?!?! Whatever. I am officially 9 months. For those of you that do not know… You are technically pregnant more that 9 months, but less than 10. Nonetheless….. I am at my end. Do not get me wrong, I am not a happy prego girl. Being fat, having […]

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Attn: BBQ People…….

As I scroll through some of my emails….. I realized, I may one of just a few who signed up for “Kids Safety Network”. I am not all about adding more to your email lists… but I think this is a necessity. For example… their post today was a warning to people who BBQ…. ( […]

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Spring What Now?

Spring cleaning… yup. The season you clear out the cobwebs, dust and realize you’re a hoarder. Yup, we have all been there, are return there every year without a doubt in our mind. Now let’s be honest, we forget a lot of stuff, not every knook and cranny gets cleaned. We forget unless we have […]

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What You Do Not Know, But Must Know

  Hormones are a serious thing.. I know about them due to research. Ladies and a few Gents, I have Acne, and depression. I believe my problem is my hormones. I once asked the doctor how to check my hormone levels, she said A LOT of needles, and she said it was costly……. Well, sorry, […]

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So it’s been a bit since I last wrote… been a little crazy at home. Baby is ALL over the place in my tummy. Quite painful. The girls have been back and forth annoying… and couldn’t seem to find my motivation for anything. Someone explain this to me. How do women love pregnancy??? I mean […]

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What is This All About??????

Hey you guys….. did anyone else think of the Goonies while reading that, or just me?? So I am curious and do not understand. Help a mom. I am 31. So I was born in 85… I know and understand the 80’s, 90’s.. early 00’s…. what I do not understand is WHY my five-year old […]

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