Back Then To Now….

Not that I would want to take back my memories from when I was a kid…. but we were possibly jipped…. I want someone to apologize.

‘Back in my day’…. I’m 31… so mine my be less than yours, I’m just saying, let’s reminisce for a minute. We had when I was little, what we thought we cool toys. I was always super excited over a new box of crayons… what am I saying, I still do. And when one of my kids breaks a crayon, I have to remind myself, I’m pregnant, hormonal, I can’t kick their butts… their are my kids not my siblings, I can’t tattle on them. But none the less, we had just normal sneakers, doll, matchbox cars were the ‘sh*t’… Remember when we asked for the new christmas barbie or beach barbie and we’re told we were luck to have a doll at all, while being handed a dollar store barbie… Where if you threw her or tried to fight a sibling with it, her plastic would dent in… so you had to take her head off, find the hole at the too of her neck, blow and prayed for the best.. it happened alot to me. (sounds like the original blow up doll..hahahahaha.)

Now… now they have dolls made of thick plastic and if you’ve ever seen a monster high doll, you can now attach her limbs…. Seriously? I remember when they made the first pregnant doll and it was the big controversy… Now you can attach any limb, accessory and even hair…. like a doll version of Mr. Potato Head….

Don’t get me started on the damn sneakers. We had to watch where we stepped and at night, pray to a diety to not trip in the dark. Now they have light up sneakers……………. cheaters. Why can’t they fall like we did? what happened to making them learn common sense and looking where they are going?

Why do kids… have cell phones? I wasn’t allowed a beeper when they came out. They get cell phones? Why? WHY CAN’T THEY USE A FLIP PHONE? Remember when the Razor was all the rage???? Nope… We get them smart phones. The smartest thing I had was the scientific calculator that we still tried to spell words on it like ‘boob’… (it’s 8008)…

Ladies and Gents, let me explain. Saturday I helped a friend pick up a trailer to move a bounce house. It dawned on me, while sitting in a plastic chair outside in the cold… (I don’t mind having large hips… the chair disagrees, it was a bit snug). Back to the point. I watched as others plugged in two blowers… yes, two, in order to blow up TWO air filled jungle gyms…. what? We didn’t have that… I can’t even try to feel like a big kid.. I’m pregnant and can’t go on it. I watched another adult get sucked in it. Children were in and out, on the other end before the adult to grab his barring and make it half way. Could you imagine if I tried????? Why do they get blow up devices? We were lucky if we knew someone with a trampolone….

I claim unfair. It’s not fair. I would like a second childhood. Light up sneakers are too expensive in my size. I want a bounce house…. I want a game system… oh wait, I have that. But when I was little, tomigatchi was the coolest version of an app….

I was around for the first gameboy…. now they have them smaller, lighter and in 3d. Did you see the virtual reality head gear these days??? We have been wishing for it before the movie “Tron” came out. Yeah, I’m talking about the original one. Not the new movie.

While we are on the topic of remakes… There is a few remakes I think should never happen. I’m going to bring up the one that’s most important . .. the Goonies. There are rumors they will be remaking it. NOPE. LET’S STOP RIGHT THERE… That is a CLASSIC movie that should never be touched. SHOULD NOT!!! (where is the bold option? I think that should be in bold.) Everyone wanted to be a Goonie. Some things should not be remade. If they ever try to do it, I will show these kids how to really protest, not whine about it and reschedule my midterms and somehow still get free tacos….. (I never got free tacos…. )

One thing I will accept… We may or may not just have came up with the first true Lightsaber…… I am fine if we are still working out the kinks… we all know I would be the first to burn myself…. I hope for the fact we have waited so long for those, they make them for 21 and older…… Because we were the original, stay in line nights before, camping people…. we deserve it. As for the new movies, I have yet to see the newest one. But I didn’t mind 4,5 and 6 being made first. Instead of remaking them, 1,2 and 3 didnt come out til later. Maybe they should do that to the Goonies… or Legend… you know Tom Cruises first movie, just saying.

Let’s face it, our kids are freaking spoiled. Super, Mega SPOILED. We know what it means to be truly grounded… Why we had chores and how much it sucked to do them. We knew the real meaning of what it meant when our parents told us to play on traffic.   meant get out of their hair. We saw protests, we were there for the beginning of Dungeons and Dragons, the first sighting of Yoda, the real terror of Poltergeist…. They used to say, I looked like Carolanne as a kid… as a parent now, sometimes I wished to be sucked into a t.v., maybe then I would have to repeat myself to my children…. (it could be the closest I get to my dream of a three day induced coma…)

These kids don’t know what hard life is with all these gadgets. Or what music television was made to be in the first place. I remember the original MTV… it was Soo much better back then. But these kids have it easier when it comes to toys, and chores. It’s not fair.


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