Crazy How Fast Things Change

I know I haven’t been posting. Deepest apologies… Crazy though, how things change so fast and so drastically. I went from a mom of two crazy, ridiculous, couldn’t keep up with little girls, to a mom of three and the worst post-partum depression I have ever had.

My oldest has completed the fifth grade. Doesn’t seem like much, but that means, the SIXTH GRADE is coming. Do you remember that grade?? over the summer half the girls started puberty and I did not. They were the girls on all boys minds, I was still similar to one of the guys. UGH. My baby is “starting” puberty, according to the doctor. Doc says I have a year or two til the “bleeding”………… I signed the permission slip that would put my baby in a room with others to talk about body changes. Body changes!!!!!! She was freaking born like yesterday. She came home with a plastic gift bag. She thought it was for me…. It had coupons for panty liners, pads with wings, deodorant.. travel size and a n informational pamphlet. Yup. No my dear child… it is for you. Mom has gone through those horrible stages, and have an arsenal of feminine products.

Ladies and gentlemen, I haven’t slept for over three months due to the newest minion. So when my precious, super smart, no common sense 11 year old comes out of the bathroom and asks what is the white stuff….. I was somewhere in left field looking up, hoping something would drop….. (yes, baseball reference.)

BWAHAHAHAHA… got it. took a minute. Discharge. She asked a few minutes later how to spell it, that she was looking it up in the pamphlet. I said just to put a panty liner in her panties, so she could take that piece out later, and the dog hopefully will not eat her underwear. Our male dog loves that crap. He is also the one to go through bathroom garbages and recently ate a diaper when we were gone. I don’t get it. I have got nothing.

I read the pamphlet later on the “discharge”…. says this is the early stages of puberty. It is one of the first signs of what is to come…. which means the bleeding. Should I panic and call the doctor and say according to a pamphlet, i DO NOT have about 2 years……..???????


She also just signed up for a class that helps her with college essay writing, tutoring and such in advance. This will be sixth grade. I love the fact that she is motivated and driven. Can’t wait to see how puberty affects all this. (hahahahaha)






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