Crazy Mom Needs Advice Desperately!!!!!!!

The picture is how I feel… Things just get worse……

I need answers… since I can’t get any, I need ideas and opinions…. I am asking for people to reply/comment to my issue. The doctor was kind enough to tell me that I have already gained my 35 pounds with this pregnancy. So she requested no sugar… well, I stopped putting sugar in my tea, etc. Now do I still eat sugar that is already on my mini wheats…..yes. Doctor says to eat more lean meats, veggies and fruits. I’ve even included a smoothie to this process.

The nutritionist showed me where I started and where I should end of the weight gain of this pregnancy if I kept gaining at the rate I was already at…. I’m in the letters. Are you a bit lost on where I am???? I AM IN THE LETTERS OF THE TITLE!!!!!!!

Now I have been changing my eating habits… more protein, whole wheat, no sodium over 20%, little sugar, very little carbs. Before you yell at me that I am pregnant and should eat what I want.. I know I am. But my love handles aren’t pregnant, neither my legs and arm fat…. Just saying.

My issue is, besides the parts of me that are not pregnant, is my legs. The doctor doesn’t seem too worried about it, nor did she give me a cure. If I stay on my feet for more than two hours, they blow up. I mean BLOW UP… from thighs down to toes. Thighs become two times the size, toes are so fat, I start saying the “this little piggy” rhyme, and I have “cankles”…. Yes, I can’t find my ankles. I am not used to it. If it was normal, I’d say fine, and deal with it. But this weekend was Grinchmas, and then the Crystal River christmas parade. It took me about an hour and a half to finally get my second foot on the bed, half way. The pain was horrendous. While I slept, I would wake up every time I needed to roll over, made painful noises and my lover had to help me. (thank gosh he works third shift, is used to be up, and was home.) By morning, when I finally tried to get up, my lower half felt like giant weights…. It felt like my ‘girlie part’ had been kicked my a horse’s hoof three times…. (I am assuming that would be the same feeling.) I had to not move much on sunday to re-coop. My lower half is still not the right size. Everything on Google says to rest and keep your feet up. I’d love to, but I have cleaning to do everyday, also a ten and five year old to take care of. So resting isn’t much of an option.

So…. who else has had this problem? What did you do? How did you take care of your daily to-do, and get the swelling down or prevent it???????????

Desperately need to know, before I work for Seagrass Restaurant as a server at the Homosassa Boat Parade…… (this is going to suck working all night.) Its on the 17th, if you are curious…. 

Please give me ideas….


The crazy mom.


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