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This is Skylar he was born March 2nd. His mom is a meth addict and he was born addicted and 1 month early. DCF has removed him from his mother and when he leaves the hospital he will be placed with his grandmother. She has already taken in his 6y/o sister Dec. 3rd. Debbie is disabled and does not work she has already raised her 4 plus her daughters first 2 sons. And yes I know you all hate beggars so do I. I am the first to post a nasty comment but not even I can fault this woman for the situation she now finds herself in. Skylar is a preemie the wrap you see him in is a cold wrap used in hopes of preventing anymore brain damage. He is going into surgery this morning to clear an obstruction in his intestines. Debbie now has to get EVERYTHING for a preemie newborn. She is not irresponsible she did not go out an get knocked up. She is doing everything she can to keep both children out of foster care. She has a bassinet a few articles of clothing and some diapers. Right now she is using the laundry mat but once the baby comes home she has to have a working washer and she has NO MONEY. I know some of you will want to get on the band wagon and insult her that’s why I’m posting. She has enough to deal with she doesn’t need to hear she’s a loser for asking for help. If you can help please let me know I can’t make a lot of individual trips I would love to be able to meet with anyone who’s willing to help at Walmart in Inverness at a set time. I know I’m asking a lot but I seriously do not know how else to do this. We have contacted the groups who help but what she’s gotten won’t even get get her through a week.

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