Getting The Dirty Work Done

Kids grow up fast, right before our eyes. It is our job to make sure they are prepared to leave the nest when the time comes. Until then, we must enforce the chore list… oh, yes… the chores. From personal experience, I have done my fair share of chores as a child and teenager. It doesn’t just stop when you graduate. I have more chores now, or at least it seems… because I am picking up after five others… Where when i grew up, the most was four. Yes, one more is a lot to me…. Then again I am pregnant. In march it will be one more on my list of crying, whining, hungry and evil minions. (Two are children, two are children with four legs, and the last is the adult version of Peter Pan.) If i want the children to be a more independent version of Peter Pan when they grow up, chores are the way to go. So to make such choices as a simple mom does these days, I look at the pictures of pins on pinterest. (don’t lie, you don’t always read the whole pin, just read or save the picture too.)

Age Appropriate Chore Lists:

Just in case you wanted to print this one out, because its nicer than your handwriting, I will make it easy for you.

And just in case you want just one more before you decide to search on pinterest…. or just print the pretty pictures like me.

This chore list is one of many out there. No one list will be just perfect. I have always started a chore list, time, time and time again. It always ends up with yelling, arguing, and crying how life isn’t fair and school gave me too much homework. Since I moved, there has been an absent chore list. My new strategy will be to give them one new chore a week, until they have enough and are used to the routine. Remember moms and dads, practice makes perfect. And one last thing before I go, DO NOT GIVE IT TO THE WHINING AND CRYING. (Speaking from experience.) They will not learn how to be responsible if we do everything for them. They will be upset if you make them do the chores over, when they haven’t done them correctly. It’s better and cheaper to do tough love now, than it is to have them depend solely on you when they are older.


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