Hatchimals Swearing??

Hatchimals Swearing??

– Some parents are claiming the popular holiday toy “Hatchimals” are saying some not-so-nice words while they sleep.
Videos have been posted on YouTube that seem to show the bird-like toys saying the F-word while they sleep.
Parent company Spin Master denies that the toys are saying bad words.
“Hatchimals” make unintelligible noises and can often repeat words of phrase that humans teach to them. They live in plastic eggs that hatch when they are played with.
The popular toy was sold out in stores leading up to Christmas. Many parents also complained that the toys did not hatch as they were supposed to.
Spin Master released a statement on its website that says in part, “We are 100 percent committed to bringing the magic of Hatchimals to everyone and addressing consumer concerns. As a result, in the last 48 hours we have more than doubled our Customer Care team.”
The company also posted a video to help with troubleshooting.

I listened to the video and it doesn’t sound like it’s swearing to me it sounds like it’s saying “hug me”. I’m definitely no Hatchimal expert so listen for yourself.

Here http://money.cnn.com/2016/12/29/technology/hatchimals-swear-words-in-sleep/


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