I Don’t Feel Comfortable In My Skin

My weight loss journey begins…

This is my Why…

Chapter 1.

For the past year I have watched my cousin losing weight. Every week every month looking better and better.  So of course I asked her how she was doing it? She told me she made a lifestyle change.

I just turned 46 and I was super uncomfortable in my own skin so I was ready to hear how she was losing weight and looking so good.

I’m going to back track just a little bit… At the age of 42 I found out I was pregnant. 🤪 Surprise!! Your kids are just about grown and now you are gonna start all over. I was terrified to say the least. Start over, another child? Wait I could be a grand mother. For what ever reason the Dear Lord Blessed us with another healthy beautiful baby, this time it being a boy. After having 2 girls I was super excited to finally have a son and I was definitely going to make sure this could never happen again lol.

My pregnancy with him was actually a very good pregnancy. I hardly gained any weight,  I think the most I gained was 13 pounds.  I had a very happy pregnancy no complications but what worried me the most was my body. How at the age of 42 was my body going to feel and look. Let’s face it I’m not young in my 20’s anymore and we all know what happens to our bodies after babies and as we get older. It’s called Gravity!! Lol Yes everything goes south real fast…

Fast forwarding to my question. How are you looking so darn good? What are you doing?  I have tried so many different weight loss programs, pills, exercises you name it I’ve tried it. I actually started to give up and just face the facts. Your older now and your metabolism isn’t going to work in your favor. Just give up and live your life the way your living it. Then came the phone call, the conversation with my cousin. Ok what are you doing? What are taking? I want to lose weight and feel good again.


She started out by telling me “ I decided to make a lifestyle change”.  “ I was introduced to a fabulous group full of so much support and there I learned some very important facts about how to fuel my body properly.” She learned what healthy eating was. I told her “ well I already eat healthy”. At least I thought I did lol. She asked me if she could add me to this group and I could check things out myself. I said “sure why not”.  So she did and in this group I saw amazing results. I saw so many different people posting there results (weight loss numbers) different snack ideas, different recipes. Talking about the products they were using. Which probiotic helped them through there journey.  I just couldn’t believe my eyes. I was excited!! By no means did I ever think this was a miracle pill or they lost weight over night. I knew in my mind it would take time and patience. It would take hard work and dedication. I knew myself and I knew how much I really wanted this. I wanted to lose weight! I wanted to look and feel better about myself. I wanted to look in the mirror and say “WOW! You Look Amazing!”

Sign Me Up!

I will add more for another day. I promise!



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