Ice Cream, Glitter and Poop……

I love this thing!! I made him buy it for me as soon as I found out we were pregnant. If you like accents and unicorns, then you will love it also. I watched the video and could not turn away……..(No one is paying me for this….. That’s how much I love it)



Yup… you just watched that. Yes, you will not look at ice cream the same for a bit. Nope…. You will ALWAYS look at glitter different… Yup, you just laughed hysterically at a pooping unicorn. Yes… that just happened. Poop now seems hysterical. This company doesn’t really advertise like all the others. They just came out with a spray to assist in stinky poop……




Ladies and Gents…. The squatty potty works. It does. Now I am not saying you have to buy this… Most people just love the videos, we could all use a laugh… As long as you step on something that gets you in the same position, I am told it still works. But I wanted it. So, yes, we have it. I love it…. LOVE IT…. it makes things soooo much easier to poop. Sometimes I didn’t even noticed I’m done pooping… it can happen that fast. Even with this little boy laying in luxury on my colon…. Making extremely difficult to do anything. Farting is like the gas of an atomic bomb… Somewhere in between the smell of decaying organic food, and death. I have not bought the spray… But I am pregnant, and I blame it on the dogs. You can’t tell the difference much.

When I first heard about this, i thought it was a joke. I thought he was hallucinating and making crap up. Let me know how you feel about the videos… enjoy your day guys…..


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