Never Ending Story…..

I laughed hysterically after reading that picture. I could not breathe. I thought I was the only one with that problem. I might wager, my child says more than that.

The girls have been off since the 22nd. Their vacation lasts til the 9th. I am already wishing them back to school. They haven’t listened to me at all so far. They wake up, and just keep whining about everything. “She bit the other, she stole my toys, painted on her mattress, She spit at me, I don’t want to do chores. Why clean my room when it is only going to get messy again….Mom can we play on our tablets, roller skates, bikes, watch t.v., netflix? When can we play on the new Xbox????” And they do this while I am trying to clean, write for the blog, on the phone paying bills, while advertising for thrive, head buried under laundry, trying to potty. (I am pregnant, this kid makes it difficult.) Sweet geez….. I need some space. I need to potty by myself? Did they do chores… no. Have they stopped fighting?? Not really. The smallest one just came out saying she fell, and didn’t know she had blood running down her face from the worlds smallest puncture wound above her ear. (I panicked, was hoping no stitches.) They have bounced around, jump bed to bed, not listen to any of the words I say. We do not give teachers enough credit or money for dealing with our kids. So let me say, thank you, I appreciate you, and please take them back. They obviously listen to you better. Maybe you should teach me your ways.

The day after Christmas, I took the tree down. There is no reason for me to keep it up. I want the pine needles gone. No one noticed its down. I have googled like crazy how to better blog, so any suggestions, let me know. I have been also researching how to advertise and dying to sell a product that would help me out tremendously with my over all health and energy to keep up with them. I think I would be able to breathe better on school vacations, but my kids are all over the place. I did not give them sugar. I swear. They have already eaten all the yogurt, cheese sticks and deli meat in the house. (Small one has a problem sleeping, so she sneaks in the fridge for a snack.) It could be worse. I have dogs barking when Peter pan is sleeping, he works third shift. I don’t know the last time we spent time together……. without any disruptions. I would like to blog without telling them to stop before they break something…. so far it’s just my patience.

His aunt will be here tomorrow, with one or two of her smallest kids……… I can hear the never ending giggling and yelling now. Positive for tomorrow, Lisa and I are finally going to get together to go over blogging stuff……….(we haven’t seen each other this whole process, been nothing but phone calls, twice on facebook video.) And I will be doing a photo shoot of our kids. Wish fit mom was going to be there. I will be posting the pictures on the facebook group, Crazy Parent’s Laundry Basket…. So you know that we are real people with evil kids…. I’m not saying we will be in the pictures ourselves…. We did already go over me being in photos……pineapples.

Hopefully soon, the few followers we have, will be able to get together for all the kids to be in a photoshoot………. Remember we are a community.


One thought on “Never Ending Story…..

  1. I will get her in photos if it’s the last thing I do….. lol. Someone please tell her that being pregnant is being beautiful, even if we don’t feel like it!!! This ones for you Mel, PINEAPPLES!!


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