Potty Training My Son, Where Should I Start??? HELP!!!!

    Why after having 3 children is the 4th child so hard to potty train? Potty training tips?…. How to potty train a boy?… Oh my gosh! Why is this so hard??

My children are 23, 21, and 13 all girls. Ya, you read that right. I have one from every generation…. If you think about it all my kids bring to the table the same issues but in a different ways… Each generation acts differently and so basically what I’m telling you is, I’m screwed no matter what way you look at it….HELP!!!!!

I don’t ever remember my girls giving me such a problem with talking or potty training… So yes, that means Jack isn’t really talking like he should and he has gone once on the potty and that day was like the second day I asked him if he wanted to go. Talking will be another post so check back on that subject…..Now where was I….

Oh yes, so they say that potty training girls is easier than boys and there are others who say the opposite. I’m going with boys are more difficult Lol … Now apparently when it comes to potty training boys, the most frequently asked questions for parents are: “Should I potty train my son sitting down or standing up?” and “Do boys take longer to potty train than girls?” Someone told me that the more involved you are in your son’s daily routines and learning activities, the easier it will be for you to figure out what works best when it comes to training him on using the potty. Well Jack and I do a whole lot of things together and I can definitely say it’s not easier yet…

Some pediatricians say boys take a bit longer to toilet train mostly because it’s mommy who’s doing all the training, when sometimes it’s important for a boy to just have daddy show him how it’s done. It’s also believed that girls start having a desire to be clean earlier than boys do…..I really don’t know if that’s the way or not because my son just says “No” or shakes his head “No“…. So basically he’s telling us “Forget About It!”  I try to ask him first thing in the morning when he gets up. I believe that is where it all starts because what do you have to do when you first get up? Yes, you have to go to the bath room. Now if you are older, lets just say 40 something , you probably go to the bathroom multiple times throughout the night. So going first thing in the morning isn’t usually your first morning trip to the bathroom. Just saying…. lol

Now the question is asked…When it comes to how you should potty train your son, standing up or sitting down? The majority of parents who I have talked to say that their experience with their toddler boys encourage training them sitting down in the beginning until they’ve mastered the basics. I found this picture and I just couldn’t resist adding it into the post…. Maybe this would help?? 😂


You know what the basics are right? Your son should pee standing up only after he has shown full control of his bowel and bladder muscles. This way there will be no accidents, like peeing and pooping on the floor at the same time. Hell, mine already pooped in the tub….so maybe we need to go back to the basics….lol

As soon as your son starts peeing standing up, do “target practice?” Really? I never had to do this…I had girls they sat on the toilet and brought a book lol . Maybe at this point if it’s mommy doing the training, now is the right time to get daddy to show him how to stand and where to aim. Everyone tells me a fun way to do this with your child is to use cereal pieces, so he can aim at something and it becomes a game.

I think I’m going to go get him his Big Boy underwear in hopes that it will encourage him to go. I’m reading its very common for boys to make a breakthrough with their toilet training once you give them their new big boy underwear. I will try to find his  favorite superhero or cartoon character on them, that way it will give him a reason to go. He won’t want to 💩 or pee on his heroes…. 😂

So help me out people any tips or tricks to get my little one to go????



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