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      Hi everyone I’m Lisa Beck. So with a little technical difficulty with From My Child To Yours we have decided while cleaning the last of the bugs out of the closets we would go ahead and launch Jack’s Corner. I do apologize but computers and programs will never be easy.   So with that being said today was very stressful. Today I had hoped to launch our new market place called From My Child To Yours but we didn’t. Ya Bummer…. but I guess everything happens for a reason and with that being said I just wanted to welcome each and everyone of you to Jack’s corner. I hope that our blog will bring many people comfort, happiness, lots of laughs, advice or simply be a place where you can be you.

I find myself wanting to give back more and more as I get older. I see my children growing right before my eyes and I guess this is the point in your life as to when you stop and take a look at everything around you and look back on the past and what you could have done different but yet you understand that the life or the road or roads that you have gone down have lead you to where you are today. Then you understand that you wouldn’t have your children, or your husband or wife or  even your grandkids. So then everything is ok again.

Life didn’t come with a crystal ball and children sure as hell didn’t come with instructions. So this is where I want our blog to help out each and everyone of us. Maybe it will be a first time mom. Maybe she will be almost ready to have her child and be completely scared of what lies ahead.  Wondering if she’s going to be a good mom or wondering if she will make the right decisions and take care of her child properly. Those are just some of the things that go through someone’s head when getting ready to have that first child. Especially if your a single mom or dad.  So I’m hoping that people will find their way to our blog  and one of us will have shared our life story of our struggles and our success. Somehow it will all make sense to them and maybe just give themthat feeling that it will all be ok.

Since my journey has started with Jack’s corner I have met a lot of people and so far I have helped out quite a few as well. As you know one of my personal goals is to raise awareness for families in need. To possibly give back and to help pay it forward.  I’ve heard some amazing stories so far. Some of life threatening situations and also some very sad and disturbing stories.  I’ve also heard quite a few love stories as well.

When you see the news or here of people hurting children or other people it tends to bother you, especially  young children.  Not one child has ever asked to be brought into this world. So to me it’s just not fair when a child is neglected or treated wrongly. So many children have it good and yet so many children have it bad and I mean real bad. Some children may have been abused. Other children were born addicted to drugs at no fault of their own. Other children may have fallen through the cracks as they say. Which is no excuse!! You hear of that so much from the departments of children.

Life has dealt us this hand of cards and everyone has a different hand. Not everyone’s life is smooth sailing and not everyone’s life is completely turned upside down. I’m a firm believer life is what you make of it and you should treat people as you would want to be treated.  There’s a whole lot of hate going on in our world right now and  I would love for Jack’s Corner to be that next place that anyone can go to. So join our community and tell us your story. We want to hear about your everyday situations, ideas and struggles. Here we will be able to discuss what ever we are going through in hopes of gaining a friend or just some good advise. A place so that you can be yourself or find out who you are. I would like our blog to encourage other moms and dads to feel confident and empowered in their own decisions. Our blog will include everything from helpful parenting advice to product recommendations aimed at making the lives of moms and dads just a little bit easier.

I have asked a few people that I know to join me in this great adventure and new chapter in my life. I asked them to share their crazy stories of their every day situations at home with their children because let’s face it no one’s life is dull especially when you have kids and as crazy as it sounds hearing someone else’s stories just might make you feel better or give you a chuckle… So I’m hoping you will join us and share your stories also. Now one of those people i was just talking about is my crazy Mom friend Mel and she has already written just a little something for everyone. So enjoy my wonderful partner in crime Ms. Mel and all her humor…. Buckle up peeps 😂


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