What A Let Down…

I would like to take a minute to answer the big question everyone has been asking me and messaging me about. What happened to my children’s online consignment shop From My Child To Yours ?? Well I hired someone to build me an online consignment shop so people can buy sell their children’s clothes and this person told me that they could do this. They told me that they would also teach me the ins and outs of the program that we would be using so that I would feel comfortable with building my brand. Now after 2 years and several months and I mean several months program after program time after time I’m left with a website that isn’t finished and I was told sorry but I don’t have time now to teach you and you have to learn all the ins and outs on your own. Once you learn all that then we can test it to see if it works properly and if it does then I will be able to finish it. That is completely fine with me it’s just going to take me a whole lot more time than I expected. After all these failed attempts to make this work I have lost a lot of confidence in this person and truthfully I’m not sure if I will ever be able to have my website.
So with that being said my sister-in-law sells LuLaRoe and through her she has inspired me to join The LuLaRoe Movement. After many hours and days of research and speaking with my husband I made the decision to do so and right now I am waiting to onboard with LuLaRoe and I am super excited with this next chapter in my life. LuLaRoe is a trusted company and its building at a tremendously fast rate. So my love for sell clothing and accessories online Is finally going to really come true. I can’t wait for my onboard call and the go ahead date to receive my inventory. Woo Hoo!!!
At first I was devastated, hurt, crushed and also embarrassed. My husband who has been my number one fan and biggest supporter told me not to be embarrassed or devastated. He told me that everything happens for a reason. And sometimes certain things need to happen in our life to open up new doors so that we may find our proper path. Thank you to anyone who has read this and thank you for all the love and support I have received already from my family and friends.
Last but not least A Big Huge Thank You To My Husband. You are my best friend the love of my life and I don’t know what I would do without you. You are the other half that makes me whole… I Love You!! So I hope all of you will join our group and LuLaRoe will be the next brand you will see in your household for years to come.
P.S. I’m still helping families in need through Jack’s Corner and our parenting blog. We are still taking donations for children’s clothes. So keep us in mind when refreshing your closet….💕🙂


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