What Is Our World Coming To?

Why are people so mean and heartless?? Why is there so much jealousy and selfishness? Our society is getting worse everyday. People make fun of others for no reason. People back stab and enjoy doing it. Why???

There are some people who are in my life right now that I can definitely say  “that they aren’t the kind of people who I want to be associated with”. Unfortunately I have to do what I have to do right now and eventually I will no longer have to deal with such horrible people but in the mean time it is so hard to have to deal with such ignorance on a daily basis. I try to do for others as much as possible. I try to give people the benefit of the doubt just knowing maybe they just don’t know any better. Maybe they were raised that way and never had good people in there lives. I don’t know…. We are all equal and no one is better than the next. We should all try to unite and work as a team instead of every out for themselves. It’s really sad to see our world getting worse everyday.

All this rioting and protesting …. What is this all for? Rioting is just damaging what other people have worked so hard to build. Never being accounted for their actions. Never having to give back to what you took from others. It all makes me sick. All these thugs out there destroying others property and killing people. They should be the ones to rebuild what they destroyed. Not us as citizens who pay taxes. Our government gives money to these cities so that they are able to rebuild what others destroyed. How foolish are they. Someone needs to stand up and stop all this. Zero tolerance for it all. Make those horrible people who have destroyed ones property pay for them to rebuild. Make them be accountable for their actions. Those who kill ,  well you don’t really want to know what I say to do with them.  Enough is enough and maybe our new President can make a difference I don’t know  but I’m willing to forgive him for his stupid actions or words from the past. People change and what ever happened to giving someone a fair second chance.??? Spread the word please…. Spread love not hate. Pay it forward when you can. Do for others and treat others like you would want to be treated… Thanks for reading….

-Jack’s Mom


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