What is This All About??????

Hey you guys….. did anyone else think of the Goonies while reading that, or just me?? So I am curious and do not understand. Help a mom. I am 31. So I was born in 85… I know and understand the 80’s, 90’s.. early 00’s…. what I do not understand is WHY my five-year old is infatuated with the crap on YouTube.  Let me show you what I mean…..

If they are long, don’t watch the whole thing….


Yup, you saw that… an hour and 30 something minutes of this woman opening toys, showing how to use them, and playing with them a bit. I want to know if she is getting paid for this? If so, I am in the wrong line of business.


I just want to point out first that none of those characters used the sink to wash their hands after blowing up the bathroom, there was no pre vomit in my mouth noise, and NO ONE knocked or had manners. Those were grown adults putting on a show……. for kids. Why? It is not endorsed by Disney, has nothing to do with the education childs channel…. they do this in their spare time. Do they get paid for this????? Is this the new way to get some acting credit??? Are they living out childhood fantasies as adults???


Parents, I do not understand. As soon as she gets her tablet back from being grounded, this is her go to thing…. I am not sure about it. I definitely do not understand. It does not make sense. Also, I know that we are supposed to watch what our kids watch… I refuse to spend an hour and half watching an adult open and play toys, so I make her shut it off…. Oh, and according to the post I read last night on Facebook… I am not the only parent confused. It’s all ages and races, and genders. So it is not just me. It’s a range of children. Is this the new trend????????????????



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One thought on “What is This All About??????

  1. My son watches these videos also and I just don’t understand why??? What is so great about them?? Is it because it’s a surprise? Or because of the toy? Please tell me because I would love to know also….


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